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An Unfair Advantage for Dropshippers!

There are 4 phases to the Unfair Advantage that I’m going to oversimplify in order to give dropshippers the whole picture as quickly as possible.

A typical dropshipping business is ran something like this:

Phase 1:

Product Research

Audience Targeting Research

Phase 2:

Ad Creation (copywriting/images/etc)

Launching/Optimizing/Scaling Your Ads

Phase 3:

Making (or not making) sales

*Repeat this process*

And this works, but the potential for loss is immense. With dropshipping you have to worry about returns, complaints about quality, chargebacks, fraud that results in chargebacks, and Facebook ads being incredibly volatile and unreliable.

I know many entrepreneurs who have had their entire business dropped on their heads when Facebook banned their ad account for some reason. I’ve even been there myself (twice).

Their ads stop, the revenue stops, they no longer have a business.

The ever growing competition is also making this business more difficult by the day, especially with the unethical people who are actually ripping customers off.

Make no mistake about it, in order to be successful you need to have “1-up” on the competition. Over the years many great tools have come and gone that would give us that edge. Unfortunately, Facebook is not our friend. The big blue doesn’t want us having an edge, they don’t want us knowing more than the next guy… I question whether they want us knowing anything, really.

As advertisers we deal with many struggles associated with “big blue”, but the truth is that FB is still the best platform to get started and to generate consistent revenue.

Over the course of this playbook I’m going to give you the process that I use to beat my competition. No fluff, no filler, just keep reading and copy what I do.

First off you’re going to need an advanced autoresponder – not mailchimp – (it takes money to make money, folks). The cheapest one capable of pulling this off properly is Active Campaign, who do offer a small $9 per month plan to get you started so it’s not like you’re going to take a beating on this. Plus with the extra $$ you’re about to bring in believe me the cost will be a tiny drop the bucket.

Second you’re going to need three research tools:

  1. Nicheminer (free) or Ecom Inspector
  2. Turbo Ad Finder Google Chrome Extension (free!)
  3. Facebook Like Extractor

For those who don’t know what Facebook Like extractor is, here is my short review on it:

Facebook Like Extractor: Easy Facebook Targeting?

And that’s it for external tools.

So what are we about to do here?

You need an unfair advantage and I’m going to give it to you by supercharging your “Phase 1” and giving you an insanely powerful “Phase 4” adding to the standard process I mentioned earlier.

Let’s get started…

Step 1:

Head on over to or ECOM Inspector (paid version of nicheminer) and start searching. Nicheminer will let you look around Facebook, I’m digging ECOM Inspector lately because adding to the FB search it also lets me spy on the hot products the big stores are testing.

Now then, Seriously search. Don’t just try one or two of the suggested keywords and give up after 15 minutes. This is one of those things that the more time and energy you put into it the more money you will get out of the other end.

Go through EVERY single suggested keyword in the “Phrase/Site:” dropdown and start inspecting. As you inspect through Facebook pickout 4-10 dropship products from the search results in your Facebook Newsfeed. Make sure you have the Turbo Ad Finder extension enabled to help you sort the bull from the gold.

Your Criteria:

  1. Ads that have been running for less than 30 days
  2. Have more than 500 likes
  3. Have a bunch of “buyer” comments – what I mean here is people indicating they want the thing or are asking questions about buying it.
  4. And have a good amount of shares.
  5. Of course, make sure it’s an aliexpress product.

If done properly this should take you 1-2 hours depending on your multitasking ability (having two big computer screens rocks for this). I typically open all the ads I find up in their own tab in a browser on my right screen while I’m digging through looking for more on my left screen.

On a side note, I like to wear Gunnar Optics glasses while working to reduce eyestrain. They really help to keep you feeling energized throughout the day. You’d be surprised how unnoticed eye strain can make you lose productivity and not want to work anymore – without even realizing this is the cause.

Step 2:

Start digging, my friends.

Go through each ad with Facebook Like Extractor and start picking out the people who have commented with buyer keywords. These can be many things and it will vary by niche. You’re basically looking for people commenting who are excited about the product and indicating that they want it… IE wow, how do I get one?, awesome, amazing, need this!, want this!, just got mine, etc etc… Look through the ads and you will quickly see what I mean.

Now, visit each one of these people’s profiles. YES OMG WORK. Sorry folks, you want easy money then you need to put in a little elbow grease up front before you see it rain.

On their profiles go into menu and select their “Likes” page.

Be aware: you may not be able to see everyone’s “likes” page. It depends on their profile security, so if it’s not in this menu, just move on.

One the likes page it will look like this:

Make sure you are on the “all likes” tab.

Next up, run the Facebook Like Extractor:

For keywords: use words related to the product/ad that you found their comment on. IE coffee, or horror, or skulls, or whatever it is. Put in as many as you can think of separated by commas.

It will search their “likes” for related stuff and generate a text file for you full of stuff it found. The creator is working on making a way to combine the likes from the different people but it won’t be ready until next week.

For now you need to repeat this process on each of the people’s profiles.

Step 3:

Not every “like” that you find from these people will be available as a “targetable” interest on Facebook. Unfortunately they just may not be big enough or have enough fans to be used, which could change in the future as the page/interest grows, but for now that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Take your master list of all the “likes” you extracted from these people and head on over to Facebook Audience Insights:

Choose “Everyone on Facebook”

Now highlight all of the interests in your master text file and paste them into audience insights. The ones that are available will immediately “take hold” and show up in the column above the interests search box.

Right here on this first page you have some useful data to make note of for later when you’re doing your targeting:

  1. The age range
  2. The demo male/female ratio

Now here is where the magic happens… click into the “Page likes” tab

Now this is the page were you can find all the goodies that your “extracted” likes have uncovered.

Start typing the pages found under top categories and under page likes into the interests box on the left. All of them unless for some reason one just doesn’t make any sense (happens).

You’ll notice that as you add these interests into the interest box the categories and page likes will update and change slightly. Which is good, it’s showing you even more highly targeted interests!

Keep plugging away, folks.

Don’t skimp or get lazy this Facebook showering you with GOLD.

Now you have 2 options once you build this audience.

On the top you can save it as a new audience, or what I like to do is highlight all of the interests that I now have in my interests column and paste them into a separate doc. The reason I do this is because instead of just using it as one big audience, I will break it into chunks and intersect them for MAXIMUM POWAAA!

At the end of this process you will have the most perfectly targeted audience that you could ever hope for (assuming you weren’t lazy or cutting corners and intersected this audience in chunks I do).

The process I just outlined is literally an unfair advantage all on it’s own. But, we’re not done here 🙂

NOTE: To add extra awesome to your efforts, have a look at this article here about upsells.

Now it’s time to add that Mythical Phase 4

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For this step you need Active Campaign, and two Shopify apps: Wheelio & Recart

Wheelio is an exit intent popup that lets people play a game to get a discount code. What’s awesome is that these people were about to leave anyway. So if they buy you just saved the sale with a small discount, and if they don’t you will have their email address to follow up with them, which we will. Recart is simply the best abandoned cart app you can get. The delivery rates crush abandonment protector.

Here are my settings for Wheelio:

You’re going to use these tools to setup 4 campaigns:

Campaign 1:

Use Recart’s default email abandon cart campaign & Facebook Messenger campaign. A small warning, monitor the FB messenger campaign, while it certainly works some audiences get incredibly angry about getting a Facebook message regarding their abandoned cart. Still, it does work so if all you’re planning on doing is dropshipping and no whitelabeling, have at it.

Campaign 2:

Wheelio Gamification – Buy blast: if they didn’t buy, get them to buy here or they never will. Connect Active Campaign to Wheelio and setup a massive buy blast automation – be sure to use a Goal or tag that will pull them out of this monster once they become a paying customer. Remember: these are people who played Wheelio, submitted their email, but didn’t buy.

Email sequence:

  1. 1 hour after playing: welcome with 10% discount
  2. Day 2: Top categories
  3. Day 3: Social proof
  4. Day 4: Brand story
  5. Day 5: 10% off coupon
  6. Day 6: 10% off last chance
  7. Day 10: 15% off
  8. Day 12: 15% off last chance
  9. Day 14: 20% off
  10. Day 16: 20% off last chance
  11. Day 20 – move them to giveaway bucket

Campaign 3:

They still didn’t buy? – Week 3  Giveaway Sequence

  1. Day 1: welcome you’re entered to win (let them know you are having a contest, and they are automatically entered to win.)
  2. Day 2: Top categories 
  3. Day 3: Social proof
  4. Day 4: Brand story
  5. Day 5: 10% off coupon
  6. Day 6: 10% off last chance
  7. Day 10: 15% off
  8. Day 12: 15% off last chance
  9. Day 14: 20% off
  10. Dy 15: Did you win? -> send to landing page to find out. Have a bundle offer on this page for 30-40% off. Use Zipify Pages, Clickfunnels, or a Carthook Connected Landing page.

Campaign 4:

They did buy!

Awesome, now using Active Campaign send out an 18 day welcome sequence that caps-off with a review request.

And there you have it, friends.

The Dropshippers Unfair Advantage.

Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think!

Talk Soon,


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Matt Gartner is the owner of 3 very successful e-commerce stores that focus heavily on dropshipping, automation, and profit ;)

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