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The Best Affiliate Programs of 2018

The Best Affiliate Programs of 2018 fi

What are The Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money?

Well first, let me stop you right there…

If you get caught up worrying about the best affiliate programs to make money or the top paying affiliate programs you’re going to sabotage yourself before you even get started.

What do I mean?

Let me tell you a quick story about the first $400,000 I made online and how that money almost made me quit.

Yes, you heard that right! I almost quit because of it…

So like most people the very first thing I did was focus on the “fastest” way to make money… for me that was seeing what other people were selling and making it better (if I could).

That led me to this little gem:

best affiliate programs bracelet

This bracelet was being marketed as a “Harry Potter Snitch” bracelet.

Remember the sport they played in the Harry Potter movies, where they would chase this little gold ball with wings?

best affiliate programs snitch

(Yes, I know this isn’t an affiliate product or an affiliate program… but it will all make sense so stick with me…)

While looking over this person’s ad for this bracelet I quickly noticed a trend…

Everyone was commenting that it reminded them of an Angel.

A light bulb went on in my head! I grew up in a religious family that sent me to Catholic school for a huge chunk of my life, which meant I spent a lot of time studying the bible… and Angels.

Using my knowledge of Angels I quickly launched my own version of this ad – this time targeting folks interested in Angels and using ad copy calling this out as a Guardian Angel bracelet.

And the rest… is history…

However, even making all that money it didn’t do anything for me.

Being forced to study religion most of my life may have given me the insight needed to achieve these results, the thing is… I didn’t care for it.

There was no passion, this wasn’t a hobby of mine, I didn’t personally resonate with the audience… and being honest… it was painfully boring for me to work in this market.

All of these things meant I had no drive or motivation.

Money alone really isn’t enough.

Have you ever heard the phrase “are you chasing money or chasing your dream?”

So in short, I stopped properly taking care of this business and it nearly cost me as much money as I made (this is a story for another time)…

Instead of asking “what are the best affiliate programs to make money” I challenge you…

To build a real business, follow this fast blueprint:

Step 1:

Open a blank Word doc or Spreadsheet then ask yourself these questions:

  1. What problems do you have?
  2. What hobbies do you have?
  3. What do you know about?
  4. What are you interested in or want to know about?

And the BIG ONE…

Ask yourself this…

If you were sitting down with a friend what topic or subject could you happily talk about for hours?

Fast Action Tip: Not sure where to start? Here’s some ideas to get you going:

Start there.

Make a list of all the problems you have, hobbies you have, subjects you know about intimately, and things you would LIKE to know about.

Seriously write down as many as you can come with because we’re about to start working them down in the next step…

Step 2:

Now it’s time to validate these niches to see if there is a market for them, and that you can make money with them.

I want you to rate your list of niches from 1-5 as you go through the next few steps. 1 being poor and 5 being awesome.

Let’s go!

Is there competition? Don’t be scared here, there is no such thing as a competition free niche these days. If you find a niche with “no competition” you’ve either just won the lottery or that niche doesn’t make any decent money.

Competition is a good thing!

There are many tools we can use for this, still I recommend starting with good old Google.

(spend time on this, the work will reward you)

  1. Are there big sites doing well in these niches?
  2. Are there small sites doing well?
  3. Is this niche a passion, lifestyle, or problem that needs solving?

Fast Action Tip: Examples – Passion niches are things people are crazy about like Pugs or handmade items. Lifestyle niches are things people live everyday like wealth or healthy eating. And Problem niches are things like aging, teeth whitening, or weight loss, etc.

4. Can you find a lot of physical products for sale in this niche? (Amazon, Ebay, Alixpress, etc)

5. What about info products for sale? (Clickbank, Maxbounty, JVZoo, etc)

6. Are there easy to find keywords for this market? (I HIGHLY recommend for this) For now don’t worry about the keyword difficult so much, pay more attention to the monthly search volume.. IE – are people looking for this a lot each month?

Now I hope you really put effort into this, because it’s time to start thinning it out…

Simply delete any niche you have written down that has a score of 3 or less.

Let’s Finalize It!

Step 3:

Take your remaining niches and start entering them into Google to look for competition. Make sure you are copying the link from the competitors site into a spreadsheet or someplace you can come back and grab the links from later.

Search Google for broad keywords related to your niches to find these.

And now check KWFinder to see if there is search volume for reviews in these niches such as:

  • Best + niche category – so for example best bbq grill or best hockey stick
  • Looking at your KWFinder data is there opportunity to create at least 30-50 articles using a “best x for y” reviews?

Now dig deep:

Are the existing products in these niches being sold for between $25-$300 dollar or more?

Is there room to grow passed comparison/review articles?

And OF COURSE… Can you see yourself working in that niche for hundreds of hours as a career after being done with this initial research?

Now, you can look for the best affiliate programs for your remaining niches 🙂

The best affiliate programs to make money come from the big names:







(there are a few others but these are my favorites)

You can also refer to my top paying affiliate programs article here.

I promise you that if you put in the work this research will reward you.

That being said, if you skimp, cheat, or rush you will only be cheating yourself…

While this process here isn’t sexy or fun by any means it is literally the most important part of the process since everything else you do will be built off of this step, for that reason you can’t build a house without a foundation.

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