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Simplify Everything

Simplify everything!

This has been the new mantra all the gurus are pushing hard these days.

And, in many ways it really does make sense…

However, there is one critical step that they are conveniently no longer teaching about… something they all still do… but completely skip teaching you.

Here’s the deal.

Simple is always better. And I mean that, but a long time ago some marketers who are much smarter than myself came up with the most powerful marketing system ever created.

It has been given dozens of names over the years by the few gurus who have taught it, but here is the core:

Market Temperature.

At any given time your market is divided into 3 temperatures:

  1. Cold
  2. Warm
  3. Hot

Your leads have completely different mindsets while they’re in each of those categories.

A COLD lead is generally someone who doesn’t know you, they don’t know your brand, and they might not even necessarily know that they even have a problem that you can solve for them!

Or, at the very least, they may not be aware of the extent that their problem is harming their daily lives.

While in this state/category this particular lead needs to be educated about who you are, what you do, and why their problem is bigger than they think. These are your folks who need to be sold the hardest on why, and given the easiest to consume lead magnets.

This is an education phase where you can shine a light on the problem, and begin helping them and building your authority in the marketplace. Getting them to know you and like you.

A WARM lead is generally someone who may have heard of you or seen your brand around. They’re usually also aware of their problem and may have even begun to explore potential solutions for it.

While in this category this particular lead needs a little more information to become informed. Informed about your solution, and why it benefits them. These are your folks who are consuming your content, and want to know more.

They are usually willing to spend more time listening to you, so webclasses, FB lives, and long form content work best for them.

This is a nurturing and authority building phase where you provide them with some small results in advance. When done right, your authority will be established here and they’ll begin to trust you.

A HOT lead is generally someone who knows you and your brand. They know they have a problem, they’re feeling that pain every day, and they’re actively seeking a solution.

While in this category this particular lead is ready to rock, they are feeling that pain and are weighing their options on buying a solution. These are your folks who are attending webinars, google searching for answers, and are checking out product reviews.

These are the people who will give you the most amount of their time.

This is your sales phase. This is where you deliver on how you can help them. If the previous two phases were done correctly, by now they’ll be fully aware of who you are, why you’re the best one to help them, and all they should need is a slight push to become a paying customer.

So, what’s the problem here?

Each of these audience categories need to be addressed and spoken to differently, according to their current mindset.

Think about that for a minute… would you talk to someone who might not even be fully aware of their problem the same way you would to someone who’s fired up, deep in their pain, and ready to buy?

No, it wouldn’t make much sense right?

Well, the problem is that most marketers are skipping this entirely!

They are only focusing on that HOT market segment.

Skipping the authority building, skipping the education, and skipping the nurturing… jumping straight to the “hey, buy my stuff!”

Well… the painful thing here is threefold:

  1. This does not make you stand out. You’ll be “yet another” guy/gal in the marketplace selling something. You’ll be generic and you’ll blend right into the clouded mess of your competitors.
  2. Your costs will be much higher. In some cases you’ll run out of ad spend before even converting your first sale (depending on your price). And you will struggle to scale.
  3. You’ll be ignoring 90% of your audience. Say that with me now… ninety percent. The largest majority of your audience will not be in that HOT 10% segment. And you won’t have the infrastructure in place to get them there.

Hell, I did for years and literally “paid” the price for it.

And if you did as well, it’s not your fault.

Nobody is teaching this anymore… even though many of the big names are ALL still doing it.

They’re teaching “use my stupid-simple 2-step funnel!” — A highly overused funnel model that only speaks to the HOT segment of the market…

… and completely ignores the Cold and Warm segments (which make up the largest part of your market!).

This is why so many new entrepreneurs are coming and going. Struggling so hard, and end up failing in frustration.

So, what’s the fix?

Well, good sirs and madams… you’re going to learn that in our challenge.

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An ad is NOT a campaign (regardless of how FB names it).

A funnel is NOT a marketing campaign.

A marketing campaign is a series of funnels designed to work hand-in-hand and intelligently move leads and prospects through the 3 phases I mentioned above.

Is it complicated? Nope.

Simple funnels work best here, the key word is “funnels” – plural.

Is it more work than {insert generic guru’s 2-step stupid-simple funnel}? Hell yes.

But with that being said, are you willing to do more work for 10x the results?

To build an authority building, customer helping, sales cranking business?

What do you think?

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Matt Gartner is the owner of 3 very successful e-commerce stores that focus heavily on dropshipping, automation, and profit ;)

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