Matt Gartner
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Expanding My Income Streams: Part 1

I’ve been having a lot of success with ecom pretty much since I started, keep in mind I had a lot going for me with my previous experience in sales and marketing. Especially when it comes to running paid traffic. In the past I also had a great deal of success with promoting affiliate products… […]

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4 Stupid-Simple Steps to Make Video Ads Convert

First I want to show you guys my old way of doing Facebook video ads, the video I’m about to share with you has made me over six figures in pure profit. As a quick note I have long-since sold the store mentioned in the video (sorry to all the spies out there) Here’s the […]

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Webclass + Giveaway (win,win!)

Many of you already know that I’m doing a webclass on November 16th, and I decided to make this thing literally as VALUABLE to you as possible… So with that in mind… at the end of the webclass I’ll be giving away one of my personal, custom Shopify themes. Quicksilver Here’s a sneak peek: There […]

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An Unfair Advantage for Dropshippers!

There are 4 phases to the Unfair Advantage that I’m going to oversimplify in order to give dropshippers the whole picture as quickly as possible. A typical dropshipping business is ran something like this: Phase 1: Product Research Audience Targeting Research Phase 2: Ad Creation (copywriting/images/etc) Launching/Optimizing/Scaling Your Ads Phase 3: Making (or not making) […]

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Facebook Targeting

Easy Facebook Targeting

Easy Facebook Targeting? Such a thing exists? It didn’t before, but REJOICE! It really does exist now and will eliminate all of the guesswork from your Facebook targeting woes. It would be an understatement to say that 90% of new e-com entrepreneurs are struggling because of their incorrect Facebook targeting… and really it’s not their […]

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