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    Holiday Season Gold Rush Part 2: The Promo Schedule

    When Does It Begin?

    The biggest question is when does this monster begin? When do you start your promotions? When does the money start “flying”???

    The answer is quite literally, right now… more on this in a minute.

    People will start getting into the “spending for the season” mood pretty much as soon as the kids return to school. I personally have different “sales” before I straight up say “Christmas sale”.

    Think: Halloween, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday, and a newer… completely made up holiday called Free Shipping Day lol. Then of course you have the big boys, Hanukkah and Christmas.

    I’m too lazy to write so here is a screenshot borrowed from JustUno:

    Some good details here.

    Now I said to start right now, right?

    You need to be completely prepared to capitalize fully on the awesomeness ahead. I want to keep today’s post short and to the point so here is a checklist to get you going.

    Promo Prep Checklist:

    1. Get on the Dropship Mogul Newsletter (shameless plug, I know… but seriously it will help you immensely to have hot products on deck at all times)
    2. Print out a calendar and mark down these holidays – as well as your promo plans starting 1 week ahead of each
    3. Setup your DPA retargeting ads – you will get an influx of traffic, don’t let any of it go to waste.
    4. Get setup for upsells, I did a comparison on upsell apps for Shopify so I won’t get into it now… Just go with OneClickUpsell and create some upsell funnels.
    5. Create some BOGOS – I personally like buy 3 get 1 free. It rocks, no exaggeration. For Shopify I use Ultimate Special Offers
    6. USE YOUR AUTORESPONDER!! I can’t say this one enough, so many people have one connected but barely send any email. Create a welcome email sequence that transitions into upsell/cross sell email funnels.
    7. Prepare your tracking. If you’re not already using UTM and Google Analytics it’s time to learn folks. (Pro tip: do not use Google’s own UTM link, generate it and place the UTM parameters into Facebook).

    Expanding on #7

    Go here:

    Create your links for your products/ads as such:


    Now at the bottom copy everything after the ? so for our example that would be:


    When you’re creating your ad in Facebook drop this into here at the ad set level:

    Now this part is key… Don’t be lazy! For every single ad you create you should be making these links and specifying in your UTM parameters what this ad is, so you can see it in Google Analytics. This will help you accurately track which ads/interests/images/ and or ad copy is working properly because FB tracking sucks.

    But the only way it can show you this info is if you put it in there. So you see for this link I can see clickers came from FB, it was a video ad, it was the campaign called blackfriday, and it was creative1 which creative1 is just an example. For you, you’d put something that will let you easily see which creative this ad is (which copy/ad image/video/etc).

    Next you need to setup your “Funnel” goals in Google Analytics. Here is a decent article on how to do this:



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