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Affiliate Secrets Training and High Paying Affiliate Program – Case Study For Passive Income


Affiliate Secrets From One Of The Top Earners

Affiliate Secrets is an affiliate training and high paying affiliate program by one of Clickfunnels top affiliates, Spencer Mecham.

I came across Spencer while promoting Clickfunnels because I ran into a problem trying to speak with my affiliate leads.

The best way to get your leads to stick and become paying customers (which will get you a commission) is to simply help them! Show them what to do, help them do it, and provide them with any support they need. Unfortunately clickfunnels’ affiliate area does a terrible job of giving you access to them.

It just lists them in your affiliate area with no way to export them or do anything with them other than see them:


Spencer has created a free plugin called Affiliate Grabber which goes in and grabs all of these email addresses for you. Then you can email them to follow up and see if you can help them in some way.

This sounds simple but it will improve stick rate by up to 80% which can be huge for your own earnings.

The Highest Paying Affiliate Niches

It’s no secret that the “make money online” niche is jam packed with offers and absolutely one of the highest paying affiliate niches around. This is why so many people like to work in it and promote make money online offers, especially since there are so many high paying affiliate programs in this niche.

The old saying goes “the best niches are health, wealth, and relationships”

Those three are basically the “Holy Trinity” of affiliate niches.

Clickfunnels is a great offer to promote for a few reasons:

1. It’s a solid tool that you can use to make money. Who wouldn’t pay $97 per month to make thousands or tens of thousands of dollars with it?

2. It’s a recurring offer – outside of the “Holy Trinity” there is the “Great White Buffalo” which is just a fancy term for a rare, awesome, and beautiful thing… think about that… an offer that pays you every single month like clockwork once you get a sale through your affiliate link.

Clickfunnels pays you just over $38 per month for every month someone stays with them (all the more reason for you to nurture your leads with that free plugin and help them succeed)

A little math here:

If your monthly goal is $5k per month in revenue from affiliate marketing you only need 131 active members under clickfunnels per month.

So instead of needing to get 138 sales each and every month to reach $5k, all you need to do is make those first sales and then make a few more each month to make up for the ones who don’t stick with CF and drop off.

Top Affiliate Programs of 2018

In my opinion for anyone looking to promote in the make money online space, the top affiliate programs of 2018 are:

  1. Clickfunnels (crazy amounts of offers and chances to make sales
    1. The main software
    2. Their affiliate training course
    3. Expert Secrets Free Book
    4. Doctomsecrets Free Book (this one CRUSHES for me)
    5. And a few others
  2. Active Campaign – an awesome email autoresponder (monthly recurring payments!)
  3. ANY web hosting company – I use Siteground and only recommend things that I use/like (usually a monthly recurring payment for you)
  4. Thrive Themes – Awesome WordPress themes and plugins
  5. G-Suite – The best business email you can get and it’s dirt cheap

These are my top 5.

Yes, there are many others, but in my opinion these will consistently reward you without a lot of work since they sell themselves and provide immense value for what they are. While they aren’t the most high paying affiliate programs they are great offers.

If you’re in the make money online niche you will also want to sign up for some “MMO” offer sites to have a steady flow of things to send out.

For this you have:

  1. JVZoo
  2. WarriorPlus
  3. Udemy
  4. And Clickbank

Okay, now with the general idea of affiliate marketing out of the way… let’s move into the good stuff…

High Paying Affiliate Program: Affiliate Secrets By Spencer Mecham

What is it?

Spencer Mecham is the owner of Buildapreneur, creator of Affiliate Secrets, and one of Clickfunnels top affiliates.

He’s also the winner of a Clickfunnels Dream car.

This is his video from the sales page:

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’0′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’0′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’0′][/responsive_video]

Here’s a peak inside of the members area:


His course (which you can promote and is definitely a high paying affiliate program) promises to teach you how to create a passive income online with affiliate marketing.

As you can see from the image above, his course seems to be jam-packed with value and training.

Here’s a sample of everything that’s in just Module 1:

affiliate marketing secrets affiliate marketing concepts

As you can see Spencer really dives deep and gives you everything you need to know, each module of Affiliate Secrets is loaded with training just like this.

Overall I’m impressed by the curriculum and look forward to giving this a shot.

I’ll be starting immediately and creating a series of blog posts as I go through the content.

For reference here are my current Clickfunnels stats (since promoting Clickfunnels is one of the main things he teaches you to do).

In other words, here is my starting point:

clickfunnels affiliate secrets stats

As of today 8/16/2018 I’ve earned:

Lifetime: $5,888.30

Pending: $218.45

clickfunnels affiliate secrets stats 2

As of 8/16/2018:

My monthly recurring revenue is $155.58 per month

I have 1 new trial

3 Customers on the startup plan

6 Customers with accounts on hold

2 Customers with the share funnels only plan

And 0 with Actionetics MD (which I’m not surprised I do not recommend Actionetics MD to anyone).

For more information about Clickfunnels pricing you can see my 2018 Ultimate Guide to Clickfunnels Price

Most of these trials and the money I made in my lifetime as a Clickfunnels affiliate came from my Clickfunnels Free + Ship Funnel training.

With these numbers as my starting point it will be cool to see how they change as I start and work through Spencer’s Affiliate Secrets program.


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Matt Gartner is the owner of 3 very successful e-commerce stores that focus heavily on dropshipping, automation, and profit ;)

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