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Expanding My Income Streams: Part 3

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Welcome back to the latest blog series on bringing in that much needed cash!

If you haven’t already, be sure to start at the beginning so you can get the full picture:

Expanding My Income Streams: Part 1

Expanding My Income Streams: Part 2

At this point we’ve done our niche research and selected one or more niches to work in. I suggest starting with at least 2 and going from there, me personally I’m testing weight loss and Survival. Keep in mind weight loss is a very risky niche to work in on Facebook as their policies and rules regarding weight loss advertising are borderline ridiculous and often left to be decided by their robots.

It’s easy to get an account banned or paused if you’re not super careful with your wording.

First and foremost, you’re not allowed to use ANY form of “before and after” type images or wording (which is honestly the best way to market this lol).

You also need to be extremely careful with the way you “call out” the audience.

Please read and familiarize yourself with Facebook’s advertising rules before proceeding… which can be read here:

Okay… without further delay…

Part 3: Competitive Intelligence For The Win!

I’ll be using a few tools to make my life easier on this front…

Free Tools:


Paid Tools:

  1. BigBigAds

I’m going to keep this super simple and to the point.

Remember, a running campaign is better than nothing and can always be fine-tuned and optimized as we go.

Seriously guys, hesitation and self-doubt can kill your business before you even start.

Get something going and run with it!

Phase 1: Offervault

Much like we did yesterday we want to see what’s selling in offervault for these niches. As I already mentioned, if an offer is listed here I can promise you that it’s making money… people are selling it profitably.

My area of expertise is Facebook ads, and selling to American audiences.

I’ll be expanding these as we go, but it’s where I plan on starting.

So my search terms in Offervault (do one at a time) are simply weight loss & the other is survival.

I’m looking for U.S. offers with payouts above $20.

One thing I know about the weight loss niche, for example, is that these folks are ALWAYS looking for a “magic pill” or “magic bullet” that will take away all the pain and make their weight disappear with little work from them.

So… I’m going to make an assumption here that supplements, shakes, pills, etc will most likely work pretty well. Honestly I hate assuming, but since I know this niche well enough I’m going to proceed.

As you can see there are many, many, many!

There are dozens of pages of offers and all are looking good, these ones in this screenshot are sponsored so they are most likely making great money.

I’m making a note of all the potential offers and their payouts for later use.

I’ll repeat this process in Clickbank, but we’ll skip the screenshots for CB since they’re basically the same shots that I shared in yesterday’s post.

My goal is 5 offers from Offervault and 5 from Clickbank.

Phase 2: BigBigAds

Alright, with my list in hand it’s time to go see what’s actually being advertised on Facebook in the weightloss niche.

For those who don’t know, BigBigAds is a service that pulls ads from FB and shows them to you. It doesn’t always work so well, but it’s still an invaluable tool to see what’s really going on inside of FB with your niche.

This tools is commonly used by ecom people for ad and product spying, but it works for pretty much any marketing or selling happening on the big blue.

Consider this “spy” tool like cutting the line and entering a cheat code for fast wins.

Here’s where things get a little tricky…

Inside of bigbigads you want to filter by the last 30 days, and begin searching for keywords related to your niche and the products you found in Clickbank and Offervault.

I want to search for as many keywords as I can, BUT I’m also not just looking for straight sales products… I also want to look for lead magnets! IE: guides, cheat lists, or any form of thing being given away in return for an email address.

Just like I would with ecom – I want to find ads that are less than 30 days old and have a ton of likes/shares and comments.

Making notes every step of the way I want to start visiting the landing pages for these ads and having a look around.

For the lead magnets I will straight up funnel hack them and see what’s going on in their funnels.

I think my assumption about “magic bullets” is right… a lot of straight sale ads for “magic” weight loss solutions.

Okay.. I’ve written down a list of this stuff…

Time to move on to searching for lead magnets.

SIDE NOTE: I’m finding a lot of ads for blog posts with content and lead magnets in them. I’m taking note of all of them and saving the links in a favorites folder to circle back on later.


This is an example of EXACTLY what not to do…


This guy is direct linking to his Clickbank affiliate link… no lead magnet or bridge page in the middle.

On top of that he tried to use the embed link instead of the regular link LOL – see the weird stuff at the end of the link?

This is expressly against Facebook’s terms of service and his account will most certainly be banned.

But take a look… this ad has some decent engagement and its for a product that was like the #1 result when I searched clickbank for weight loss…. So it may be a good one.

Another side note: I’m surprised by how much direct selling is going on in this niche.


I now have a detailed list of offers and competitor funnels to have a look at.

Tune-in tomorrow for my post on marketing and targeting research!

The hard part is really over now.

I also have a few changes to my funnel and email system which is coming in a post soon (I’m most excited about this part lol)

Talk Soon




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