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Affiliate Marketing Plan: 6 Weeks to Reach $6,000

Yup, you read that right! Affiliate Marketing to reach $6,000 in just 6 weeks.

I’ve been having a ton of fun doing affiliate marketing on the side and now, at long last, I’m going to scale it up.

“But Matt, you’re killing it with ecom… why do affiliate marketing?” – the answer is simple. It’s easy.

Affiliate marketing is simple, and can be setup and left alone to generate money with very little attention from me. But with ecom there is no product fulfillment cost, no need to pay a team of virtual assistants, and no need to manage customer service which I can’t stand doing… I’m an introvert by nature,  it’s not that I dislike people, but it literally drains me and I would prefer to hang out in my man cave not speaking with anyone. Sounds weird? Well, sorry that’s just how it is for us.

Okay enough about me.

The reason I took to the time to tell you about this side of me is because what comes next in my “master plan” is actually COMPLETELY against my very nature… more on this in a minute.

For starters, my introverted nature makes me very good at sitting back and watching those around me, analyzing them and their actions.

Lately I’ve been joining Affiliate Marketing Facebook groups and putting those observation skills to good use. See, normally my affiliate marketing business can generate anywhere from $2k up to $11k per month for me nearly on autopilot. This was done with minimal work over the course of about 2 years. And to this day I do very little work to maintain it, maybe… 2 hours per week at most (a few minutes here, a few minutes there) nothing serious.

Now with the notes I’ve been gathering I’ve decided to ramp this up in a very structured way.

The tools at hand:

  1. Clickfunnels
  2. YouTube
  3. Actionetics
  4. ClickMagick

With Clickfunnels I can quickly create a funnel, assign any one of my several domains to it with point and click, and automatically integrate actionetics for follow-up email.

With YouTube I can reach a large audience of people who may be interested in what I have to say… this is also a problem for me… I’m going to need to step way outside of my comfort zone in order to make this really work. In all honesty, this will be the absolute toughest part of this plan for me.

Facebook ads have been my bread and butter for years, making me a great deal of income. However, they have been making “changes” now what feels like every few weeks that hurts my business every. single. time.

Lower ROI, higher costs, lower engagement, and the list goes on and on. To be blunt… they’re pissing me off and they’re screwing advertisers over. With each “change” comes new aggravation.

YouTube is a great platform, video is an awesome way to interact with people, and YouTube is pretty much mainstream now. A huge YouTube channel is like having your own TV channel and TV station back in the early days of cable. It’s really cool.

Click here to checkout my YouTube Channel

And I’ll be tracking everything because I love data, with Clickmagick. Which is a very cool, cheap, and easy to use click tracker that can also record conversions/sales etc. I can monitor this entire business from the ClickMagick dashboard which is awesome.

So then… what is the master plan?

For starters I’m going to be promoting one of my favorite tools: Clickfunnels.

I’ll also be promoting other tools and services which I find valuable and useful – I WON’T be promoting any junk JVZOO or “WSO” garbage.

Action Steps:

  1. Keyword research – I’ll be looking for longtail keywords that people are searching for related to my tools
  2. Then I’ll be making instructional videos showing how I use these tools to make money, and offering my very own funnels and special bonuses for people who use my affiliate link to grab a copy of the tool. These videos will be done with full SEO related to the longtail keywords that I found
  3. Next: I’ll be Offering these bonuses with the use of a squeeze page to build an email list
  4. After that I’ll distribute my videos across multiple channels, so YouTube to start… then Vimeo, dailymotion, and others.
  5. I’ll also be Building backlinks to the YouTube videos to strengthen the SEO
  6. Then I’ll throw Bing Ads into the mix to get the traction going (with small budgets)
  7. I will also throw a Facebook page and possibly a FB group into the mix for my teachings as well. For now though, FB will be an afterthought.
  8. Then I’ll immediately begin sending my email list awesome content with affiliate offers (all really good offers, no junk) sprinkled in using the 1-2 punch method (more on this in an upcoming YouTube video… see what I did there?) lol.
  9. At the final stage once this well-oiled machine is making really good money Then comes the “business in a box” phase – were I package up this entire system, the funnels, the posting calendar/strategy/ everything and turn them into downloadable or 1-click import templates and sell it as a product.
  10. This is the perpetual affiliate machine!

Goal #1 $6k Recurring monthly revenue per month in 6 weeks

Goal #2 Business growing by at least 30% month over month

Goal #3 Russell Brunson buys me a new car (lol seriously though, read more here)

Goal #4 I help a lot of people make a ton of easy money with this same process.

What Should YOU Do?

Want to follow along and make this happen with me? Here’s what to do:

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel
  2. Grab Clickfunnels
  3. Grab ClickMagick
  4. Keep an eye out for my next YouTube video where I’m going to start putting each step of this master plan into action. I’ll be showing everything over the shoulder so you can follow along. How cool is that?

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Matt Gartner is the owner of 3 very successful e-commerce stores that focus heavily on dropshipping, automation, and profit ;)

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