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    7 Shopify Tips to Make More Money Today

    Ahh the holiday season, it is getting closer every day. Which means many things for many people, for you as the owner of an e-commerce store it should mean your big chance to grow your revenue and profit to levels you’ve never even dreamed of…

    So as the next entry into our “preparing for the holiday gold rush” we’re going to go over 7 Shopify tips to make more money today, literally, if you implement this stuff right now you’re going to make more money. And once we reach that “gold rush” you’ll be ready to absolutely crush it. Read on until the end to see how you can watch me set this all up.

    Without further delay…

    #1 A Single Page Checkout

    It’s no secret that Shopify’s default checkout is utter garbage when it comes to converting visitors into paying customers. But just how bad?

    Well, an above average Shopify store will convert roughly 3% of the people who add to cart, into actual paying customers. Dismal, abysmal, almost heart breaking when you think about all the money you’re probably spending to get those folks into your store.

    What difference can a 1 page checkout have for your bottom line?

    Well I’ve been testing an app called Carthook (which at $300 per month is pricey as hell, but wait until you see my results)

    Here is a screenshot from a brand new store less than 24 hours into installing Carthook:



    Yes, you’re reading that right… 50%.

    DESTROYING Shopify, and even my best Clickfunnels pages.

    I won’t get into the math here, but think about how much you average right now and what your current purchase conversion rate is. Then imagine if your purchase conversion rate was 50%!! That is more than a “night and day” difference.


    #2 Upsells

    It’s no secret that offering a customer more opportunities to spend money will result in more revenue for you. However, there are many apps out there that can accomplish this and some are MUCH better than others.

    Along with Carthook’s 1-page checkout you also get unlimited upsell funnels, which are also crushing.

    Here’s one:


    This one is performing particularly well. It is responsible for adding over $3500 to my revenue in the last week, these are extra sales on top of the ones I already made. So free money? Close to it.

    The real magic here is the fact that these upsells aren’t shown until AFTER the customer has already purchased. Because of this they’re already in a buying mood, and they’ve already entered their payment details. These are true one-click upsells.

    A much cheaper option is called OneClickUpsell by Zipify apps.

    But I want to note here that there are many reports of site performance and conversion rates dropping for people once this is installed. I personally noticed a major difference in switching to Carthook from OCU – Carthook converts almost 3x better.

    I personally stay away from upsell pop-ups – never interrupt someone who is trying to give you money 🙂

    #3 Bundles & BOGOS

    If you’re using Clickfunnels than you can easily create bundles without any extra work. Simply setup your products as bundles.

    For Shopify this can be done manually which is a real pain when it comes to fulfillment, or you can use an app called Product Bundles by Boldapps. It works well, and can give you a significant increase in your average order value.

    But what I’d really recommend here is an app called Ultimate Special Offers by Supple Apps.

    This app is BOSS. It will let you setup product bundles, BOGO offers, quantity breaks, and a bunch of other very awesome things. I personally use it for bundles and buy 3 get 1 free offers which absolutely crush. This app along can double or triple your current AOV.

    #4 Wheelio

    I will admit, I really hate exit intent pops. But they work, and they work well. I currently use Wheelio to great affect on my main store, and will be using it even more in the future. The whole idea here is gamification, you grab someone’s attention as they’re about to leave your store.

    It detects when someone is about to leave and slides out this wheel of fortune type of game. The offer is simple: spin the wheel for a chance to win a discount code or gift card or whatever you choose, and then they need to enter their email to collect their prize.

    This does two things:

    1: Offering a discount code gives you a chance to save and get a sale that you were going to lose. Who cares if you’re selling it at a discount? You wouldn’t have gotten that sale at all without this.

    2: Lets you build a list of people to re-market to via email. I have an entire campaign setup in Klaviyo that turns these folks into buyers.

    #5 Personalizer by Limespot

    We’ve known for a while that displaying “related items” on your product page is a great idea and will most certainly lead to more sales. Well, this app takes that to the next level and beyond.

    In the last 7 days alone Limespot has generated an extra $967 in my test store!

    It is basically recommended items on steroids.

    It works by instead of displaying just items from the same collection it displays items that other customers have purchased along with the item the new visitor is currently looking at. It also displays the last items they were just looking at if they are browsing around. AND it also displays the most popular items being purchased in the store.

    Very powerful.

    #6 Recart

    We all know that abandon cart emails are a necessity for our stores, right? For the longest time the standard go-to app was Abandonment Protector and it served its purpose.

    Now the game has changed, and Recart is the future.


    In the last 7 days Recart has brought in an additional $620 in sales!

    This app is light years ahead of abandonment protector and it appears has a much higher deliverability rate. Just remember, if you want your abandonment emails to work the people actually need to see them lol.

    Recart also has Facebook Messenger abandonment messages which made me about $120 so they work, however the nasty responses I got from a large portion of the people convinced me not to use it. Some might say just do it anyway, who cares? Well in my stores I truly have excellent customer service, and even with the long shipping times my customer service alone brings many of our customers back to buy more. Repeat customers rock since you haven’t spent a cent to get them back.


    #7 Advanced Re-marketing

    Facebook retargeting is critical and I highly suggest you to set it up immediately if you haven’t done so. Today I want to focus on thinking outside of the box, like using Klaviyo to segment your buyers, and connect Klaviyo to Facebook, so it can actually create custom audiences for you.

    Another great tool is called Adroll. Which displays retargeting ads to people around the web, not just on Facebook.

    Here are the results of a 7 day test:

    2.4x ROI isn’t bad, but I’m sure I can do better.

    I setup Adroll using their automatic ad setup and it achieved this. If I was to actually tweak the ad copy and ad layout myself I’m sure I can bump this up well over 3x ROI – which I’ll be doing soon 🙂

    Making this stuff really work…

    There are other complimentary apps that boost the effectiveness of the apps I shared here with you today. And it should also be noted that in most cases the way I have these setup/configured is also playing a huge factor in why they’re killing it for me.

    There are also a bunch of other ways I max out my earnings such as Funnels, Landing pages, advanced segmentation, etc.

    If you’re interested in learning everything that I’m doing in my business and following along while I set it up right in front of you, I invite you to join us Saturday September 16th at 10am eastern for a full day of eCommerce Training. We’re calling it: 8 Hour Ecommerce Profits Live.

    You can click here to get all the details.

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