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4 Stupid-Simple Steps to Make Video Ads Convert

First I want to show you guys my old way of doing Facebook video ads, the video I’m about to share with you has made me over six figures in pure profit.

As a quick note I have long-since sold the store mentioned in the video (sorry to all the spies out there)

Here’s the ad copy:

The Very basic strategy:

  1. Here’s what I got
  2. Here’s what I’m selling it for
  3. You should go get it now

In retrospect this Facebook video ad shouldn’t have even worked as well as it did considering the formula I used was weak.

Standard copywriting is more like this:

  1. Here’s what I got
  2. Here’s what it will do for you
  3. Here’s why you should get it (discount/sale/free shipping)
  4. Here’s why you should get it now (scarcity)
  5. Call to action

Essentially I made stylish videos with niche-related music that had a small amount of text overlay that pretty much said “it’s on sale, free shipping, go get it”.

This Facebook video was made with a free iPhone app called Quik.

Unfortunately the desktop version of this app is completely different and doesn’t do any of what the mobile app does (not sure what’s up with that…)

All you need to do is choose 5-6 images and then pick your theme and music. You can also add text blocks like you see demonstrated in the video above. For the most part I really do still like Quik, all though it’s a bit tedious moving the images to my phone before being able to create the video, then creating it and needing to email myself a download link to go get it…

Yes, a very minor complaint considering this app is free!

All though I can tell you that many times I ran into problems where Quik’s server wasn’t working and I was unable to produce any of the videos I just spent time making (very frustrating).

So what am I using now?

Currently my “go-to” is Animoto, I have the professional plan which cost $240 for the year. It works very similar to Quik except I can create videos right on my computer, download them, and stick ’em on Facebook… very convenient and increases my ability to get things done quite a bit.

It literally takes more time moving images back and forth for Quik than it does to actually make a video with it haha.

Overall I’m very happy with Animoto and I made the entire year’s subscription back in a single day with 1 single video made with it.

The NEW, NEW Facebook Video Ad Formula (yes, new new)

Step 1: Grab the best 5-7 images you can find of the product

Step 2: Locate the product on amazon and read the reviews – write down the good ones (especially the words the people use)

Step 3: Create your video and ad using the words people used to describe it. ~ Using their own language is HUGE.

Step 4: Launch your ad 🙂

Make sure to have customer reviews. – he finds the same product on amazon and copies the reviews lol

TALK THE CUSTOMERS LANGUAGE. SEE IT IN AMAZON see what they’re saying in the review.
Here’s the video format:
– First 2.5 seconds show the pain
– 2nd 2.5 seconds – give them the solution
– Rest of the video, use text overlay to give them the product ownership advantages and features
– Close with CTA
That’s all there is to it!
By the way, if you really want to stop selling the same products as everyone else, this free webclass “How to REALLY Make Money With Dropshipping” lays it all out for you! Check it out here
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Matt Gartner is the owner of 3 very successful e-commerce stores that focus heavily on dropshipping, automation, and profit ;)

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